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Member Account Creation - 3 Methods

This article will outline the 3 methods of member account creations on the SHC Platform: Auto Account Creation, By Adding a member on the Web App and Self Creation. This information will help you troubleshoot member login issues.

1. Auto Account Creation

a. Done by Smart Health Clubs (SHC) during Phase 4 of the Onboarding Process.

b. For bulk creation of member accounts.

Note: Imp. Concept - These accounts are already synced up with Billing company data (called  Authenticated Accounts), but every night there is a repeat data sync up between SHC data and  Billing company data. During the repeat data sync up, updates are made. For example, if a new member is added or deleted in the Billing System, the update is done in the SHC platform.

2. Adding a Member through the

Web App

a. Any staff member can add a member account using the Member page on

the Console.

b. Can be done anytime, but the Email Id you add should be the same one used by the Billing Company. If it is, then when the data sync up is done at night the account is authenticated.

3. Self Created Accounts

a. Can be done by a Member or even a non-member.

b. Go to App Store and Play Store and install the app and sign up.

Note: If the email id is the same as in the Billing Company data, then the account is authenticated during the data sync up at night.