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Advantages of SHC's Integrated Calendar

This article compares and explains the advantages of having an Integrated Calendar in our SHC App over other calendars with respect to various functionalities such as Booking and Attendance, Instructor Substitution, and Report Generation.

For Free classes, or classes accessible to Tiered members, you have a choice of using either - 

  1. SHC's Integrated Calendar or your Billing Company calendar
  2. SHC Booking and Attendance or your Billing Company booking and attendance

Clubs may decide to use - 

  1. SHC Calendar and SHC booking and attendance
  2. Billing company calendar and SHC booking and attendance
  3. Billing company calendar and Billing company Booking and Attendance

SHC platform provides different functionality depending on your selection of the provider for the calendar, booking, and attendance. Here is a list of the functionality that SHC offers - 


SHC's Integrated Calendar and SHC Booking and Attendance

Billing company calendar and SHC booking and attendance  Billing company calendar and billing company booking and attendance
Complete Instructor substitution functionality and automatic Google calendar update for a substitute instructor Instructor substitution except updating billing company calendar with substitute instructor name. Needs to be done by the department director 
Detailed class cost per head and payroll report
Advanced Booking functionality with booking and attendance windows, and a waiting list. Simpler functionality based on what Billing company provides
Members can book a particular bike, court, or pool lane Not available
The front desk can book and mark attendance for the member Not available
The instructor can mark attendance for member Not available
Detailed Booking, No shows, and  Attendance reports Not available