Checklist for a Pilot

This checklist has tasks you should perform confidently on the SHC platform during the Pilot and even otherwise! You can run a pilot with a few Members and Staff for 5 to 8 days. This will ensure you are super prepared for your Member Launch.

What to test?

How to test it?

Booking and Attendance

1.     As a Member, book a spot through the App.

2.     As an instructor/Front Desk Staff, use the “Manage Booking” function.

3.     As an instructor and a Front Desk Staff, book a member into a class.

4.     As an instructor/Front Desk Staff, delete a member from a booking.

5.     As an instructor, mark attendance for a booking.

6.     After setting a booking window on the Web App for a class, test the booking window on the app as a member.

7.     After setting the Attendance window (Minutes) on the Web App, Test the attendance window as an instructor to ensure it works as intended.

8.     After you have set the appropriate number of spots for a Class/Resource on the Web App, ensure the number of spots is being shown correctly on the App and as intended (That is being picked up from Class or Resource).


1.     Create a class on the Web App, Showcase the class and add it to the Club library.

2.     Check if the class can be viewed by other staff members on the Web App (It will need to be approved by Department Director in Manage>Library). 

3.     Test if the photos for the classes and other vital class information that was set on the Web App is shown on the app as intended.

Instructor Sub (If Applicable)

1.     As an instructor, request a substitute on the App.

2.     As an instructor, test if the substitutes set on the Web App are receiving a notification and are able to accept the invitation to teach a class.

3.     Test if the new instructor's name is showing on the calendar for the members (In the case of Google Calendar users). 

4.     As a Director, test if a substitute request is being received for approval (In the case of director approval enabled on Web App).


1.     As a Director, add a Trainer on the Web App.

2.     Showcase the trainer on the Web App and check if their bio information, photos are shown as intended on the app.

3.     As a trainer, update the "About Me" page on the Web App. Add a picture, Bio, Testimonials, Hours Available and view if it is displayed as intended on the app. 


1.     Add classes/events to your calendar.

2.     Make sure the calendar events match perfectly with the Class Name/Instructor Name/Resource. (You can do this by checking Create>Calendar Matching on the Web App)

3.     On the App, go to the Calendar and test if the intended classes are bookable as a member.

4.     On the App, test if your Calendar is showing events in the intended order. 


1.     Add media to various parts of the app through the Web App such as Department Photos/Trainer videos/Club photos/Class photos/Banners and test out if it is being viewed on the app as intended.




1.     Assign various roles on the Web App and test if your staff has the appropriate permissions on the App as well as the Web App. Some examples:

a.     Is an instructor able to mark attendance for their class on the app and the Web App?

b.     If Front Desk is enabled with appropriate permission, are they able to make bookings for other members on the app?

c.     Is a department head able to make changes to class and trainer information for their appropriate departments on the Web App?

d.     On the Web App, is a department head able to approve classes to be added to the Club Library. 



Other Important Tests




1.     Set up a Support Channel on the Web App and test if the appropriate staff members are able to receive support questions on the app as well as the Console.

2.     Setup Member Referral and check if the information is working as intended on the app.

3.     Location and hours – Verify the information here to see if the map shows the right location and address, opening hours are outlined appropriately and the list of directors is showing correctly.

4.     On the App, send friend requests to other members and test out accepting friend requests along with messaging any friend that has been added.


1. Create an On-Demand class and apply the relevant setting for creating the On-demand video series under On-demand Tab. 
2. Upload videos and attach them to a class
3. Go to Create > Company and set up the On-Demand experience.
4. Schedule an On-Demand Class on the integrated Calendar and test different options such as Live streaming the Class and Rebroadcasting it.


1. Create a Class, Program, or Service under the Tennis Department
2. Set up your Tennis Pros by assigning them the relevant roles
3. Attach Tennis Pros/Resources to the Different services created by going to Manage>Showcase
4. Set up policies for Court Bookings under Create > Company
5. Schedule Events, Programs, and Services on both the Availablity(Tennis(Resources) and Tennis(Trainers)) and Event-based Calendars
6. Set up information based on your Tennis rating system and preferences in the Mobile App under the Profile option.


1. Set up different Inventory Pools according to your Club's requirements.
2. Attach Inventory Pools to your Classes and set limitations based on Membership Tiers and Locations.
3. For ABC users, attach the relevant package from ABC to the Class.


1. Create a Program and its associated Cohorts. 
2. Set up the booking window for the Programs.
3. Schedule the Program on the Integrated Calendar.
4. Attach pricing and set limitations to the Program if needed.
5. Book the program using the Mobile App.

Fitness Plans

1. Create a Fitness Plan
2. Showcase the Fitness Plan
3. Assign the Fitness Plan to a Client
4. Check once assigned if the Fitness plan is reflected on the Exercise Log in the Mobile App.

Hire a Trainer/Service Provider

1. Create a Service and attach a Trainer to it by going to Manage>Showcase.
2. Set up the Availablity Calendar for the Trainers
3. Using the Mobile App Book a Trainer for any of the services you created.


1. Create a Workout.
2. Showcase the Workout.
3. Assign a Workout to a Client.
4. Set up the Workout Experience under Create > Company > Workouts