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How to troubleshoot issues faced by the Front Desk?

Trivial issues such as Club member walks in for class without booking, member forgets phone or password or is a guest can be easily solved by the Front Desk Staff.




A club member who has an account comes in without their phone or without a  booking

1. The Front Desk staff member must log in to the App with the Front Desk Department credentials assigned to them by the club director.

2. Check booking status of the class for the day  App > Club > Department > Calendar > Pick a class for any calendar day > Club  Booking. The Club Booking page will display the list of bookings that take place on the day for the class selected.

3. They must then go to App > Club >Department they want to make the booking  in > Calendar > Class and time slot they want to make the booking for >Manage Booking button > + button on the bottom right > User or Guest

4. For a member with an account - Type the name of the member they want to book for. 

A member brings a Guest along or a non-member has some Guest passes

For Guest - same as above, just use the Guest button. +Button > Guest >The member will be assigned a temporary guest ID for the specific class.

A club member has forgotten password

(only done on Web App)

If the Front Desk Department is allowed to change passwords for members they can do it by going to the Web App >Manage > All Users Click on the member name. In the pop-up menu click “Change Password” Enter the new password 2 times and then hit Save button.

Note – It is best to change the password to something like “abcd1234” for members to easily login and they can later change it the way they would like.