Member Launch Readiness Checklist

Before Member Launch, clubs need to ensure that some critical things are set up correctly on the SHC platform. Please use this checklist to ensure a friction free launch.

No. Checklist Action
1 Set up Support Channel for member question. Add a person's name and set it up on the Console.
2 Check if Front Desk has the right version of iOS -version 10 or higher. The app will not work in the lower version.
3 Train the Front Desk.
4 Run a Pilot for x number of days with a few instructors and members.
5 Have all the relevant classes been showcased and added to the library?
6 Have all the relevant trainers been showcased and their necessary details added?
7 Have all classes been added to the calendar? Is there no mismatch in Calendar?
8 Is Booking set up correctly? Have you tried it out?
9 Double-check the Welcome email draft and make sure it  does not have any redundant information like member email id, password, has the name of your club signatory, and is simply awesome!
10 Perhaps most important - check whether all your members have their email ids provided to you. If you do not have their email ids, their accounts cannot be created. And these email ids should be correct and current.