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Member Sign In And Sign Up Process

Members have to sign in to your club app once their accounts are created by the Auto Account Creation process. But, sometimes they sign up directly on the App as well. Understanding these processes will help you troubleshoot member login issues.


1. Auto Account Created and Accounts created on the Web App - 

a. Member gets Invite email with the login id and temporary password from the Club id.  Using these they install the app and login/Sign in using the password abcd1234. If the account is created by these 2 methods, Auto Acc creation or Management  Console, the password is always abcd1234.

b. They get a Welcome email from Club on successful login.

c. They are prompted to change the password from the club and enter the App.

If the email is not present in Billing company data, then the account will not get created.

Note: Members should be careful to use the Sign In option and not the Sign-Up option.

2. Self Created Accounts

a. Go to App Store, download the App and Sign Up with email id and password of choice.

b. Email verification (important because many emails are not genuine or have an error) is done and a code is given. Using this code on the App, their email verification  is completed and they can now login with their password (which they added at the time  of signup.)

c. Now they will Sign In to the App. Once they login they get a Welcome email from the club.

Note: If the Email Id is the same as in the Billing Company data, then the account is authenticated during the data sync up at night.

3. How to find out about a member's sign in status

Example, have they logged in, how was their account created or has their account been authenticated (means that their account also exists on the Billing System)

To find out all this information and more, you can go to the Members Page: Web App > Manage > Members Page 

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