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Non Member Purchases

SHC's Non-Member purchases section allows you to create classes/services/plans and products for Non Members to purchase.

  • Non-Member purchases can be implemented through SHC's Payment Integration with Stripe. 
  • These Non-Member purchases can be implemented for the following - 
    • Classes - You can set session-based pricing for any classes that are offered at your club. 
    • Services - You can also set session-based pricing for any Services that your club offers such as PT Sessions, Tennis Court Reservations, Spa, etc. 
    • Plans - You can set pricing for any Fitness or Nutrition Plans on the platform. 
    • Virtual Content - You can also set pricing for any On-Demand Video content that you offer on the SHC platform to non-members. 

1.0 How do users experience this?

  • Once Non-Member purchases have been set up on the SHC Platform, deep links can be obtained from the SHC platform for any Class/Service/Plan that can be provided to Non Members on your Website, Marketing material, or from the SHC platform itself.
  • When a Non-Member clicks on these links, they will have the details of the Class/Service/Plan on the SHC Platform along with a "Purchase" button which will allow the purchases. 

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  • Once clicked, the platform will provide Non Members with the ability to select a specific package. 

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  • After the package is selected, Non-Members can input the following information - 
    • First and Last Name
    • E-Mail ID 
    • Payment Details - Card Number, CVC Code, and Expiry date. 


  • Once the details are entered, Non-Members can successfully make a payment for the selected offering and will be provided with their confirmation details along with a QR Code. 
  • This QR Code can be saved by the Non-Member which can later be shown at the Front Desk of your facility for verification. 


2.0 How can you set up Non-Member Purchases?

  • To set up Non-Member purchases, you would need to 
  1. Create inventory items on the SHC Platform for non-members
  2. Attach the inventory items to any Class/Service/Plan of your choice. 

2.1 How to create inventory items on the SHC Platform?

  • This can be done using the Create > Company > Inventory section of the SHC Platform. 
  • Here, you can use the + button and create a Non-Member service of your choice. You can input the following - 
    • Name of the inventory item 
    • Price 
    • The number of sessions included
    • Validity
  • Once this information is set up, it can be applied to any class/service of your choice. 

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2.2 How to attach inventory items to a Class/Service/Plan for Non Members

  • This can be done by first Navigating to the Class/Service/Plan of your choice using the Web App > Create menu. 
  • Under the In-Person > E-Commerce section of a Class/Service, you can click on the "Add Class Price" button and select the "Non-Member" tier.
  • Once selected, you can click on the "Inventory" section and select the inventory item you would like to attach to the Class/Service. 
  • You can also set up multiple inventory items for the same Class/Service if you would like to provide purchase options to your Non-Members. 

NM 6

  • After clicking on Save, you can use the "Copy In-Person" link button to copy the link for the class and provide it to your Non-Members. 

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3.0 How can your Front Desk verify a Non Member Purchase?

  • Once Non-Member has made their purchase, they will be provided with a QR code.
  • When the QR code is presented at the Front Desk, it can be scanned by any QR code scanner or Smartphone. 
  • Once scanned, a Front Desk member can log in to the SHC Platform using their login and password. 
  • Upon logging in, the information about the purchase and class information will be shown at the Front Desk along with the remaining sessions.