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Programs And Cohorts

This article will help you navigate and work with our Programs and Cohorts feature


  • Every Club has a series of Classes conducted over a period of time that aims to teach its members a particular activity. The activity could be Karate, Baseball, Yoga, Tennis, and so on and this is referred to as a Program.
  • Using our Program feature your members can book a series of Classes included in the Program. Creating a Program is similar to creating a Class and you would have to specify the same parameters that you specify for a Class such as the Duration, Department, and Name.
  • In order to create a Program you need to go to -
    • Create > Classes > Click on the "+" icon to create a new Class > Check the last option called Is this class a program (Refer to the screenshot below)

Once you check this option and click on save you will get the option to set up Cohorts for the Program.


  • Every Program, be it a Tennis one or a Summer Camp can have different batches of members such as an evening batch or a morning batch.
  • Cohorts are used to set up the different batches/sessions of members included in your program. You can add a batch to a Cohort by clicking on the Add a Cohort option. After that, you can set up details such as the Name, Description (Refer to the screenshot below) :



  • For the Program to be visible to your Members on the App, you need to Showcase the Program.
  • In order to do this you need to go to Manage > Showcase > Select the Location and Department > Go to Programs and turn the slider to green


  • Scheduling a Program on the Integrated Calendar is very similar to scheduling a Class on the integrated Calendar. All you need to do is:
  • Create > Calendar > Select the Department > Click on Add Event
  • In the pop-up, you can -
    • Select the Program 
    • Select the Cohort
    • Set up a date and time for the cohort to start 
    • Apply the Recurrence Rules as to how the Cohort is supposed to take place. (Refer to the screenshot below):




  • You can set up the booking window for your Programs and the associated Cohorts. The booking window will determine when members can start booking into Programs. You can set the booking window by Going to:
  • Create > Classes > Select the Program and edit it > Click on the In-Person Tab and select the Booking option. Under the Booking option, you can set the Cohort Booking Window under the Programs section. 
  • Here you have the option to start the Booking X days prior to the start of the Cohort and end X hours before or after the start of the Cohort.

Please note that if you want to end the booking after X hours of the commencement of the Cohort then add the "-" symbol prior to the number as shown in the screenshot below

  • The option "User can book individual events" allows members to book a single event in a program if the "This Event" option is checked.
  • If the "This and future events" option is checked then Members can book a Program (depending on the Cohort booking window) even after the Program commences and they would be booked into all the remaining events of the Program. How the pricing of the Program is affected by these 2 options is  discussed in the next section
  • In order to have a common date on which the booking window commences for all your Cohorts, you can change the dates under the Cohort Booking Window For All users section. Under this section, you can click on the dates next to each Cohort and set it to a common date of your choice. (Please refer to the screenshot below)



There are 2 ways that you can price your programs so that they can be purchased by members via the App, one is using Stripe Payment Gateway and the other is using your billing company such as ABC, Jonas, and others.

Please note that pricing your Programs uses our E-commerce Solution and would require setting up Inventory Pools or Packages. In order to know more about our E-commerce Solution please click here

1. Setting up pricing via Stripe Payment Gateway:

  • Setting up pricing via Stripe Payment Gateway will process all the payments and refunds via the Stripe Payment Gateway and all the transactions will reflect on your Stripe Dashboard and our Orders Booking Report. 
  • The first step is to set up an Inventory Pool for your Program. Setting up an Inventory Pool will allow you to price your program either on a per-session basis or on a Full Program basis. For instance, if you have a Program that has 6 events and costs 120$, you can create an inventory pool that charges 20$ for one event or 120$ for 6 events. In order to set up this pricing for the Program you need to:
  • Click on Create > Classes > Select the Program > Select the In-Person Tab > Ecommerce > Click on the ''+" icon to Add the inventory Pool.
  • If you set up an inventory pool that charges X$ for one event or for the Full program our Platform will automatically calculate the entire cost of the Program or price per event and display it for you. Please refer to the screenshots below:

The below screenshot shows how our Platform calculates the cost of the Program and price per event.


2. Setting up pricing via your Billing Company:

  • You can attach Packages in your billing company to Programs in order to allow the Member to get the Program via the App but charge the Member through the billing company.
  • In order to link a Package from your billing company to SHC you need to go to :
  • Create > Inventory and Promotions > Click on the Package Pool tab and click on the "+" icon > Attach a Package from the Billing Company and give this Package Pool a name.

  • After creating a Package Pool you can attach this Package to any Program of your choice in the same way that you attach an Inventory Pool, and when members want to purchase this Program they will be charged via the Billing company



Members can book Programs via the App once you showcase the Program. Once a member purchases a program our platform will automatically book the member for all the Classes under the program. In order to book a program, a member would open the App > Go to the relevant Department > Click on the Programs option and select the Program > Purchase the Program after viewing all the details.

How the Member experiences this via the App is shown in the screenshots below