Release Notes for Version 3.12 22nd February 2022

This is a major release and it covers enhancements in the SHC Fitness Plans module along with multiple designs and UI changes across the platform.

What's new on the Web App?


  • Enhancements have been made to the E-Commerce section of the SHC Platform across various sections. 
  • No Show payments can now take place through the Billing Company (ABC, Jonas, CA) and Stripe. These payments can also be charged for members who have canceled in the Late cancellation windows. 
  • A new "Refund" option has been added to the Manage > Reports > Orders page of the WebApp where any payments made using Stripe can easily be refunded on the Web App. 
  • On the Manage > All Users > User > E-Commerce section, new options have been added where you can manually add inventory items/sessions to any member accounts. In addition, you can also use the + and - buttons to add or remove existing sessions of a member. 
  • For court bookings, you now have the ability to set up pricing for 1/2/3 and 4 players and automate the splitting of court fees amongst your members. 

Note - The above is only applicable to clubs using SHC E-Commerce. 

On-Demand Video 

  • There have been multiple changes that have been made to the On-Demand Videos section of the SHC Platform. 
  • The new On-Demand Video experience that was introduced on the Mobile App in our earlier releases is now completely integrated and also available on the Web App. All parts such as the horizontal scrolls, vertical scrolls, categories, summaries, and video playback capabilities are available in the new Web App experience. 
  • New filtering and sorting options have been added to the On-Demand Video experience. They are - 
    • Category 
    • Duration 
    • Class
    • Instructor 
    • Difficulty Level
  • On the Create > On-Demand Video section of the Web App, 2 new options have been added - 
    • Show "All" tab - This allows clubs to show or remove the "All" tab on the Mobile and Web App that combines videos from all departments. 
    • Show "Series" or "Episodes" has now been added. This allows clubs to show either episodes or a series of episodes in a single horizontal scroll (Category) 

Note - The above changes are only applicable to clubs using SHC's On-Demand Video module. 

Fitness Plans, Workouts, and Exercises

  • On the Create > Fitness Plans > New/Edit Plan section, you can now reorder workouts and exercises within workouts a Fitness Plan by simply dragging and dropping the exercises in a Plan making it easier to make changes to any existing/new Fitness Plans. 
  • On the Create > Workouts section, you can now also drag and drop exercises within a workout allowing you to re-order any of the exercises within a workout.
  • A new muscle group targeted map has been added to the Create > Workouts section of the Web App. Now, when creating a workout, you and the members will be able to see this heat map representing a human to easily visualize the muscles targeted. 
  • A new and updated exercise library has been released on the SHC platform with detailed exercises and 250+ videos and instructions to go along with these exercises. Your members will now have access to these videos on the SHC platform. 
  • A completely new workouts experience has been added to the SHC platform. You can now use the Create > Company > Workouts section to - 
    • Create a workout experience for your members that is similar to browsing through on-demand videos. Members will be able to pick and choose from various workouts in different categories that you create. 
    • Here, you can create custom categories of workouts and arrange them based on their benefits and features along with the muscles targeted. 

Note - The above changes are only applicable to clubs using SHC's Fitness Plans module.

Booking and Attendance

  • Multiple changes have been made to the Booking and Attendance portion of the platform including enhancements and UI changes. 
  • On the Manage > Reports > Attendance reports page, there have been UI enhancements made to the interface while marking attendance, updating events and the issue with refreshing reports has been fixed. 
  • Multiple changes have been made to the resources and bookings of specific equipment in order to accommodate multiple bookings on a single resource for bookings of Tennis Courts. 


  • There have been multiple enhancements made to the Smart Scheduling portion of the SHC platform. 
  • On the Create > Calendar page of the platform, you can now cancel classes and show them as a canceled class on the calendar. To do this, you can simply select an event > use the cancel button.
  • Now, you can easily use the Create > Calendar > Smart Scheduling section of the SHC platform to - 
    • Specify the availability of a service provider/trainer and create automated time slots for their bookings. 
    • Specify the availability of a resource/court/studio to create automated booking slots for members to make resource bookings. 
    • Use the "Add Event" button on the Smart Scheduling page allowing you to create an event for a client on the WebApp and inform them using a push notification at the same time. For example, you can create a PT 30 training for a client and send them a confirmation message letting them know that they have a successful booking. 

Instructor Substitution and Payroll

  • Multiple changes have been made to the Instructor substitution and Payroll section of the platform creating more flexibility and ease of use. 
  • On the Create > Company > Instructor Substitution and Payroll section of the platform, two new additions have been made. They are - 
    • Allow Department Director to request a substitute - Checkmarking this option will allow department directors to request substitutes on behalf of the instructor on the Web App and Mobile App. 
    • Auto Cancel Class if no substitute is found - Inputting a number here will cancel a class a certain amount of time before it starts if no substitute instructor has been found. 
  • On the Manage > Reports > Instructor Substitution report, there are multiple changes - 
    • A new filter has been added called "Status". Using this, you can easily filter through any pending, approved, skipped, canceled instructor substitution events. 
    • Similarly, a new filter called "Approved by" has been added to filter through the different substitutions approved by any department director. 
    • The "Status" column of the Instructor Sub report now shows more information about the current status of the sub request. 

Note - The above changes are only applicable to clubs using SHC's Instructor Substitution and Payroll. 

Les Mills Content 

  • A new set of professional Les Mills content is now available on the SHC Platform.

Note - The above changes are only applicable to clubs using SHC's Les Mills module. 

Other changes

  • Now, after a class/service/product is created on the platform, you will have the ability to also showcase it in different locations all at once. This will make it easier to showcase the same Class/Service/Product in multiple locations without having to do it one by one. 
  • Now, any department changes made on the Mobile App section using Create > Company will also reflect on the Web App. For example, if the "Library" page of the Mobile App has been turned off, it will not show up on the Web App either. 

What's new on the Mobile App?

On-Demand Video

  • In the On-Demand Video experience on the Mobile App, members now have the ability to filter their videos by category, Instructor, Duration, Difficulty Level, and Classes. 
  • The "Watchlist" option of the Mobile App has now been enhanced and added to the top right-hand corner of the On-Demand Video's screen. Members can add videos to their watchlist and see them later at their own time. 

Fitness Plans, Workouts, and Exercises

  • A completely redesigned section has been added to the Mobile App for exercises. The exercise library has been re-populated with a more precise list and each exercise now has an instructional video attached to it for ease of use. 
  • A new "Workouts" section has been added to the mobile app. (Clubs would need to create a new icon for this). This option will house the new Workouts experience on the Mobile App with the ability to - 
    • Browse through various categories and types of workouts on the Mobile App. 
    • Once a workout is selected and obtained, it will automatically be added to the Exercise Dashboard of the member. 
  • Here is what is new on the Exercise Dashboard section of the Mobile App - 
    • Any Workouts or Fitness Plans will automatically flow into the Mobile App. 
    • A completely re-designed logging interface has been introduced where when members are performing an exercise, they can simply click on the exercise where they will be taken through a guided exercise/workout. 
    • There is a custom timer for each exercise along with a timer for a rest period along with instructional video conveniently placed on top of the screen. 
    • All of the above create a completely guided workout experience for all members. 

Booking and Attendance

  • The "Mark Attendance" page has been enhanced with the following changes - 
    • You can now use the new "Mark All" option to mark attendance for all members at once. 
    • Now, you can also use the "+" button of the Mobile App to continue adding members to a class even after a class is over. 
  • Guest Bookings on the "Manage Booking" section of the Mobile App will have an icon to represent any guests in a booking. 


  • There have been multiple UI changes made across the platform for the Calendar and Booking and Attendance. 
  • Since clubs can now mark a class as canceled on the Web App, the class will show a "Canceled" text next to any class that has been canceled. 
  • The calendars for all departments will now show the available spots along with a total number of spots for more clear representation. For example, if a group ex-studio has 10 spots and 4 are taken, the available spots will be 6/10 available spots. 
  • The calendars for all departments now have an easy date filter on top of the page allowing members to jump to the date of their choice before making any bookings. 
  • If clubs are using the virtual internal department "Group Ex All Locations", members will now be taken to the calendar of their home club after which they can browse through specific locations. 
  • The search options on the calendar page have been enhanced to show events further into the future than it currently does. 
  • On a specific calendar event page, members can now easily click on the Instructor Name and get to the full bio of an instructor. 

Instructor Substitution and Payroll

  • The Instructor Sub notifications of the Mobile App has the following enhancements - 
    • Pending actions indicator - If instructor sub notifications require any actions, there will be a separate color code indicating that an action is required next to the notification. 
    • Deleting of old notifications - If an instructor sub notification is older and no longer relevant, it will automatically be deleted. 
  • As managers, you can now use the Mobile App > Department > Calendar page to select any event and request a substitute on behalf of an instructor. 

Other Changes  

  • The ratings and reviews UI of the Mobile App has been enhanced to provide more clear and accurate information about average ratings and member reviews.