Release Notes for Version 3.13 19th April 2022

This is a major WebApp-only release and it covers enhancements across the platform and the new SHC Digital Marketing module.

What's new on the WebApp?

  • Digital Marketing

    • The new SHC Digital Marketing module brings multiple changes to the Web App. 
    • On the Create > Company page, there is  a new section called "Digital Marketing" allowing clubs to set up specific policies for their Digital Marketing. 
    • A new section has been added to the Create menu called "Campaigns". This is where you can - 
      • Create and manage E-Mail Campaigns. 
      • Target very specific audiences for all e-mails created. 
      • Create specific templates or access a growing library of SHC's E-Mail templates. 
      • View and track analytics for every E-Mail campaign. 
    • To learn more about how this is set up, you can click here

NOTE - To enable this feature, you can contact

  • Look and Feel

    • There have been multiple changes and enhancements made throughout the entire platform in terms of Visual Appearance. 
    • All the Menus on the left side of the screen including Home, Club, Library, Settings, Create, and Manage have now been moved to the top of the screen allowing for more space that can be taken up by the sub-menus. 
    • The middle section of the Web App has now been expanded to the entire length of the screen. 
  • Reports 

    • A new report has been added to the Manage > Reports section of the platform for Court Bookings called "Courts". 
  • On-Demand Videos 

    • On the Create > Company > On-Demand Videos section, 2 new customizable categories have been added. They are - 
      • Instructors - Clubs can now group all videos by a specific instructor in a single category. 
      • Departments - Clubs can now group all classes/videos in specific departments in a single category. 
    • Multiple changes and enhancements have been made to the user interface of the On-Demand videos on the Web App including dedicated pages for episodes now. 
  • Tennis  

    • There have been multiple changes that have been made to the Tennis section of the platform. 
    • Now, when staff members use the Create > Calendar page to view Tennis Courts, they will be able to see all the slots that have been booked with member details for easier management of court bookings. 
  • Messaging

    • The "Message" option on the Web App as well as Mobile App will now allow all staff members to message any member of their choice as long as it has been enabled in the Create > Company page. 
  • Booking and Attendance 

    • On the Create > Company > Booking and Attendance page, a new option has been added that will allow you to show your members either the Available Spots or Booked Spots in a class on the Mobile App. 
  • E-Commerce 

    • On the Manage > All Users > Member > E-Commerce page, clubs using stripe E-Commerce will be able to view all the sessions/inventory items that have been purchased by a member. 
    • On the Manage > Reports page, there have been 2 new options added to the orders and the session balance reports. They are - 
      • A search option allows you to easily search through all orders by E-Mail, Barcode, or Full name of a member. 
      • An inventory filter that allows you to view all purchases for a specific inventory item. 
  • Workouts 

    • On the Create > Dashboard > My Clients page, a new tab has been added called "Workouts". 
    • This section allows trainers to assign specific workouts to members on the platform.