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You can generate different types of Reports for your club and obtain data about Attendance, Member Booking, Instructor Payroll, Orders, even Employee Appreciation, and more. The insights provided by this data can be useful to enhance and improve the services provided to your members. 

To access the Reports section, please go to Web App>Manage>Reports.

1. Attendance Report

The Attendance Tab will generate a report based on how many members attended during a specific period that you can define. You can generate the report by choosing Location, Classes, Departments, and Trainers according to your requirements. You enter these requirements in the first section of the Tab and the report appears in the lower section of the tab. All tabs work and behave in the same way.


Note: It is in the same  Reports tab, that your Instructors can update attendance data such as the total number of members who attended their class, and can mark the Event closed or open. Your instructors need to update this data for this Report to be generated.


Instructors can use this report to mark attendance for their classes, add new members to the booking, and request a substitute. These tasks can be performed by clicking on the Class under the Class Column of the Report. 


2. Program Booking Report

This report generates data about Programs running in your Club. Data such as the Cohort, Total revenue, refunds received, and more is generated via this Report. On clicking on the cohort option of the Report you can see the details of members who have booked the Program, as well as the events they are booked in for. Similar to other reports, this report can also be filtered based on location, Departments, Programs, Cohorts, Instructors, and date range. The report columns include:

  • The number of bookings.
  • Amount paid by members per cohort.
  • Deductions or Fee( if any ).
  • Details of the members booked in each cohort.
  • Money collected by clubs per cohort.

Clubs can easily access the class roster data and calculate revenue generated by each cohort or program. This report includes columns called "Total Amount", "Club Amount", "Stripe Fee", "Convenience%" and "Convenience Fee", "Refund Amount" to show a breakdown of how much money was paid by the member.


3. Member Booking Report

This section generates Reports about the Member activity in your Club. It provides details about members who have attended classes, canceled classes, have been waitlisted, did not show up for the classes, or had Late Cancellations.

This report is particularly useful for you because you can get a whole lot of other information as well such as: Who booked the Member, Member Booking Time, email ID, Barcode No, Booking Status, etc.

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4. Hourly Payroll Report

This Report generates data related to instructor payroll expenses for each class. The report also generates data like Total Cost, Average Cost, Average Cost per attendee, and so on. 

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5. Instructor Substitution

This report generates data such as the instructor who requested the substitution and the instructor who became the substitute, along with other relevant details such as the time when the substitution was requested and when it was responded to. The report also includes interactive options with the ability to approve/disapprove any substitution requests straight from the report. The status provides information such as whether the request is pending, approved, processed, canceled, discarded, or skipped. You can also view the status of the substitution by checking the status column in the report. ( Refer 5.3 )

In addition to the existing filters (Location, Department, Classes, Instructors, and Time) you also have two new filters Status and Approved by to view information regarding the status of the Substitution Progress and who approved the substitution. You can approve any instructor as the substitute by opening this report and clicking on the Class Column. (Refer 5.2)

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Screenshot 5.2

Screenshot 5.3


6. Commissions Report

The Commission Report offers a comprehensive summary of the payout for Instructors/Trainers during selected pay periods, including the income generated per trainer for each session. It provides a clear understanding of the total session price, commission rate, and the payment that needs to be processed, along with the payment status for Instructors/Trainers.

commissions 1


7. Orders

Clubs offer additional services, plans, classes, and so on to their members at a price set by the club management. This tab provides a report for the total or different types of orders purchased by members on the App.

This report also includes columns called "Total Amount", "Club Amount", "Stripe Fee", "Convenience%" and "Convenience Fee", "Refund Amount" to show a breakdown of how much money was paid by the member.

orders report


8. Orders Summary Report

The Orders Summary report is a comprehensive breakdown of department-wise sales and the taxes incurred in sales. This report also thoroughly summarizes all transactions processed through Stripe and the Billing Company, along with the refunds processed within a selected date range. This information is critical for efficiently managing business operations, allowing decision-makers to identify sales trends and patterns, manage inventory more effectively, and optimize financial performance.

Orders Summary Report



8. Session Balance Report

This report gives all the information about the packs purchased like services, classes, or fitness plans, and the remaining sessions out of the total sessions. One can filter between the Locations, Departments, Order names, Types of packs, and Payment methods, and also Search using name etc.

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9. Smoothies Report

The Smoothie report is a useful tool for clubs that use the Smoothie solution. This report allows clubs to review compiled data on the smoothies sold. It can be filtered by location, date range, and even by a specific smoothie to identify its sales.

The report includes columns that provide data such as the member who ordered the smoothie and when it was ordered. It also includes information on the type of smoothie ordered, any options or add-ons selected, pricing, fees, the final amount, and any notes provided by the customer or the smoothie bar. All data points used during the ordering process are included in this report.

smoothies 2-1


10. Employee Appreciation

This tab provides data regarding feedback/appreciation given by members for instructors. You can get the report for specific Departments or all departments.

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11. Referrals Report

Members can refer their contacts to join your Club by sending a Member Referral email generated from the App under the Home Section of the App. This section of the Report shows details about the members and emails sent by them to their contacts to check out your Club.


12. Contact Tracing

This section generates a report of all Member activity on the SHC Platform and App. All the activities done by Members in clubs that can be tracked or logged via the SHC Platform can be generated in this Report. This is especially useful in the current COVID scenario to isolate the member, advise him/her, and limit the spread of the virus.

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13. Monthly Reports

This Report generates a cumulative attendance and payroll report for each month. You can click on the Attendance or Payroll Report you want for the desired month and it will be downloaded as a CSV File which can be opened and edited with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

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14. Check-In Report

This report allows you to see what members have not checked into the club in the last two weeks. You can generate this report for different locations. In addition, this report can be used to search for a member using barcode, name, and email, and track their check-ins. You can also download this report as a CSV file that can be opened with Excel or Google Sheets.

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 15. Trainer Payroll Report

This report generates data about all the payroll info associated with Trainers providing services. Trainers can provide services such as Spa Massage, Hire a Trainer service, and many more, all the payroll data generated via these services can be viewed and downloaded using the Trainer Payroll Report. The report can be filtered using Locations, Departments, Services, Instructors, Event Completion status, and a date period.

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16. Appointment Reports

This report generates data on all Therapist/Trainer/Tennis Pro Bookings. As with the other Reports you can filter this report by a date period, Department, Services & Instructor/Therapist/Trainer/Tennis Pro. You can view booking and cancellation data such as Booked By, Booked At, Cancelled At, Cancelled By, Attendance Marked At, and Attendance Marked By  This report will also entail all monetary data such as the Amount paid, Discount, Tax, Stripe Payout fee, Stripe Fee, Convenience Fee, Refund, and so on.