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How to Troubleshoot Trainer Related Issues?

Resolution to trainer issues such as if a trainer does not show up or you want to hide a trainer due to any reasons are explained in this article.




If a trainer does not show up in your App

There can be 3 reasons a trainer is not showing up on the App:

1. Their account does not exist on the App. No one has created the account. If this is the case, create an account. But, first, check if their account exists. 

Go to Web App > Manage > All Users

Type their email id in the search textbox on the top right. If the name does not show up, you know the account has not been created.

To add an account : 

Web App > Manage > Staff Members

Click on plus button on top right corner. Enter details and save>Manage>Showcase

2. They were not given the role of trainers. If this is the case, give them the trainer role.

Web App > Manage > All Users

Type their email id in the search textbox on top right corner. When the name shows up go to Roles on the right and assign Coach role,  also assign the correct department and location.

3. They were not showcased.

Web App > Manage > Showcase > Select Department on top left > Select Classes tab from top row > Scroll down > Select class > Turn on the slider

Note Make sure that Location, Department, Role are all assigned and showcasing is also done for every trainer.

Temporarily hide a trainer on your App

1. If these instructors are no longer employed at the club and will likely not come back, best is to delete them by going to the Manage > Staff Members page and deleting them.

2.  If these trainers are furloughed and may come back later, it is advised to remove their Coach/Manager role. This way all the information is still kept but they are not shown.  When they come back, you can simply go back to the Manage > All Users page and then give them the Coach/Manager role.