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How to Troubleshoot Classes and Booking?

Sometimes, classes are not visible on the App or members are not able to book a class or wrong spots show up. This article helps you fix these issues.




You have created a Class on the  Web App, but it is not showing  up on the App

Showcase it

Web App > Create > Classes > Class > Booking Tab > Check the Make Class bookable box

You have created a Class. It shows on the  App but only you can see it on the  Web App. No one else can.

Add it to Library

Web App > Create > Classes > Class > Edit button on the top left of the class name > Check the Add this class to My Club Library box.

Then either the Department Director or Club Director goes to Web App > Manage > Library > Class and click on Approve

Note: Implication is now this is a club asset.

A complaint from a member that they are not able to book a class

1. Check if you made the class bookable

Web App >Create > Classes >Class > Edit button on the top left of the class  name > Booking Tab > Check the Make Class bookable box

2. Check what kind of booking window you have set

Web App > Create > Classes

3. Check the booking frequency allowed by your club

Web App > Create > Company > Booking and Attendance

On the app, a class shows 15 slots available, while you had specified 10 slots on the Class page.

1. Check how many spots are specified on the associated Resource page. The spots are picked up first from the associated Resource Page.

2. If you want the spots to be picked up from the Class page, then don’t link it to a  Resource.

3. Or, keep the number of spots in the Resource blank.

Web App > Create > Clubs > Resources > No of Spots

Resource Versioning - You have made changes to the number of spots on your resources and it has not reflected on the calendar. For Example - You have changed the number of spots for your spin studio from 10 to 5 and it has not reflected. 

If the spots were changed immediately on the calendar, there may be an impact made on existing bookings where some booked members may get kicked out of the class. This is why, when you make a change, it is applied in the future where it will not have any such detrimental impact. We have made the time it takes for the change to be applied as short as possible. The change in the spots will be applied to classes that do not have any bookings that have taken place on the resource with the changes. Here are some recommendations for the least impact on your members - 

  1. Keep the booking window as short as possible. This will allow you to make changes to the resources/layout more frequently. You may want to do this during these Covid times to be more responsive to the capacity changes.
  2. If changes have to be made sooner than what our software will allow you to do, the best is to message members who have already booked (or will book in the future). This is easily done by the instructor by clicking on the message button on the Manage Booking section of the calendar event.
  3. Plan your resource/layout changes and make them as soon as you know about them.
  4. Only one future version is possible and that is happening for you. You can make changes to the layout once the future version is applied.