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How to troubleshoot Login issues faced by Members And Staff?

Your members are going to chase you with lots of Login and Password Issues. Sometimes, they will not even be able to find their Temporary Passwords. This article will help you solve such issues.




A member cannot log in with the default password (abcd1234) provided during  Auto-Account creation

1. Double-check if they have clicked on the Sign In button instead of Sign up.

2. Check if the internet connection is good and stable.

3. Use E-Mail ID provided to them in their invite email and a not different one

4. Check if they have an account in another SHC App in another club. To delete that  account go to Mobile App > Settings > Account > Delete Account

A member does not receive a  temporary password (numeric code  with 6 digits) when signing up for the App by themselves

1. Often the temporary password ends up in their Spam/Junk Folder. Ask them to check.

2. The member might need to recheck the email information they have provided and double-check that they are using the same email ID before logging into the App.

Android users are not able to download the app with the link provided. Message:  You need to log in to your Gmail account.

 It is now a requirement on all Android phones that users sign in to their Gmail accounts. So, if your member does not have a Gmail account, she will need to create one, sign into it, and then click on the link to download the App.

Member has an account on the app but their Barcode/Membership type is not syncing up with the app. 

There are a few reasons for this to happen : 

1. Member has created an account on the app using the "Sign Up" and they have used a different E-Mail from what is present in the billing company. 

Solution: If this is the case, you can : 

a.  Ask your member to login using the E-Mail present in the Billing Company since we have already created an account for this member using their registered E-Mail ID. 

b. Change the E-Mail ID on the billing company and we will do our overnight sync to update their new E-Mail ID associated account with the appropriate Membership Type/Barcode

2. A member's E-Mail was changed on the Billing Company but their account on SHC is still associated with the old E-Mail ID. 

Solution: If this is the case : 

a. For a verified account (member has logged in at least once using the old E-Mail ID) : We will send an actionable notification to the member letting them know that an E-mail ID change has been made on the billing company. They can use this notification to allow the change to reflect on their SHC account as well. 

b. For a non-verified account (member has never logged in using the old E-Mail ID): We will automatically update their E-Mail ID for the same account.